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MR-2020 Undercounter 2-Stage Drinking Water Filter

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MR-2020 Undercounter 2-Stage Drinking Water Filter

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    Enjoy Crisp Clean Refreshing Drinking Water for Your Healthy Lifestyle.

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    The APEX MR-2020 under counter water filtration system is an economical and effective water filtration system for home and commercial applications. The MR-2020’s small size allows you to install the filter system in tight spaces, like under kitchen sink cabinets, bathroom vanities and in the break room near a coffee maker. You’ll notice an immediate improvement in the taste of hot and cold beverages like tea, coffee, weight-loss drinks and lemonade. The APEX MR-2020 Undercounter 2-Stage Drinking Water Filter is perfect for purifying water that is stored in potable water tanks aboard boats and RVs. The APEX MR-2020 eliminates worries about the drinking water purity when camping, on the road and on the water. The first stage of the purification process begins with the 10-inch 1-micron polypropylene prefilter. The prefilter cartridge captures tiny particles and debris that contaminate well water, municipal water and water storage tanks. Microscopic particles of rust (iron oxide), carbonate scale flakes, sand grains, even insect fragments are removed by the prefilter. This filter stage keeps debris out of your drinking water and prevents the filtration system and faucet aerator from clogging. Next, the water flows through a 10-inch activated carbon block cartridge. The 5-micron porous compressed carbon block filter adsorbs taste and odor-causing chemicals including rotten-egg odors from hydrogen sulfide gas, musty Geosmin organics, chlorine and chlorine dioxide disinfectants and tannins that tint the water. The chlorine disinfection process reacts with natural organic compounds, forming cancer-causing trihalomethanes in your drinking water. The activated carbon filter cartridge adsorbs trihalomethanes, protecting you, your family and pets from these carcinogenic disinfection byproducts. The APEX MR-2020 Undercounter 2-Stage Drinking Water Filter also removes groundwater contaminants like radon, dioxins and industrial chemical solvents that cause liver damage and stomach cancer. The APEX MR-2020 Undercounter 2-Stage Drinking Water Filter is an economical commercial filtration solution for multiple apartments, condominiums and office complexes. The simple design of the MR-2020 makes cartridge replacement is quick and easy. The prefilter cartridge should be replaced every 6 months. The activated carbon filter cartridge should be replaced once every year. The APEX MR-2020 Undercounter 2-Stage Drinking Water Filter delivers filtered water through the dispensing faucet that is included with the installation kit. Use the purified water for drinking, beverages, washing vegetables, pets and even house plants. Your regular sink faucet will continue to supply unfiltered water for washing dishes and other cleaning tasks. The APEX-2020 filtration system is individually quality checked and tested. The simple installation can be performed as a DIY project. We advise installation by a licensed plumber to ensure adherence to all local codes. Routine replacement of the filter cartridges is recommended to maintain filter performance. Genuine APEX replacement cartridges are available from APEX Water Filters.


    • Stage 1
    • 1 micron polypropylene sediment pre-filter to extract suspended materials such as sediment, rust, insects, and other particles down to 5 micron. (Replace every 6-8 months)*
    • Stage 2
    • Carbon block filters to absorb chlorine and byproducts such as THM, and TCE. The double carbon briquettes filter out organic matter from water without release of carbon fines. (Replace every year) *

    Warranty * Household water pressure can cause leaks and damage the surrounding building or fixtures if not properly installed. User must check all fittings for tightness. APEX assumes no responsibility for water damage due to leaks.

    Operating Limits

    • Maximum Feed Temperature ℉ ( ℃ )
    • Maximum Feed Temperature ℉ ( ℃ )
    • Maximum Ambient Temperature ℉ ( ℃ )
    • Maximum Ambient Temperature ℉ ( ℃ )
    • Maximum Feed Pressure psi (bar)
    • Maximum Feed Pressure psi (bar)
    • Maximum Turbidity NTU
    • Maximum SDI Radting SDI
    • 85 ( 29.00 )
    • 40 ( 4.44 )
    • 120 ( 48.89 )
    • 40 ( 4.44 )
    • 85 ( 5.86 )
    • 45 ( 3.10 )
    • 1
    • <3
    • Maximum Free Chlorine ppm
    • Maximum TDS ppm
    • Maximum Hardness gpg ++
    • Maximum pH (Continuous)
    • Maximum pH (Continuous)
    • Maximum pH (Cleaning 30 Min.)
    • Maximum pH (Cleaning 30 Min.)
    • 0
    • <2000
    • 0
    • 11
    • 5
    • 12
    • 2

    Test Parameters: 550 TDS Filtered (5 MIcron), De-Chlorine, Municipal Feed Water, 65 psi (4.50 bar) Feed Pressure, 77 Degrees F(25 Degress C), 7.0 pH. Data taken after 60 minutes of operation.

    + Low temperatures and high feed water TDS levels will significantly affect system production capabilities. Computer projections should be run for individual applications.

    ++ Scale prevention measures must be taken.