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APEX XGRO-36 High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System

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APEX XGRO-36 High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System

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XGRO-36 Reverse Osmosis System

The APEX XGRO reverse osmosis water filtration system is a complete, highly efficient drinking water filter for home, office and light commercial applications. The compact design and easy maintenance allows installation in tight spaces, like under kitchen sinks, bathroom cabinets and behind commercial coffee and beverage dispensing machines. The APEX XGRO 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter can also be installed in an RV to ensure safe, refreshing drinking water is always available. Simply install the filter system between your water supply and the sink. The purified water is contained in the included drinking water storage tank. No more worries about the drinking water purity when traveling! The first stage of the water purification process begins with the spun polypropylene prefilter. The prefilter traps tiny particles (5 micron) of rust, sand, carbonate scale and insect fragments that can clog the filter and damage coffee and tea makers. Prefiltration protects you and your family and extends the life of the filtration system. Next, the water passes through two solid activated carbon block cartridges. These compressed carbon block filter cartridges adsorb taste and odor-causing chemicals including rotten-egg odors (hydrogen sulfide), geosmin, chlorine and chloramine. Chlorine reacts with natural organic compounds found in ground water, forming carcinogenic trihalomethanes (THMs). The activated carbon filter cartridges remove THMs, protecting you from these carcinogenic disinfection byproducts. The activated carbon cartridges also remove organic groundwater contaminants including industrial chemicals like VOCs, solvents, pesticides and MTBE from leaking gasoline storage tanks. The fourth stage uses the reverse osmosis (RO) process to remove mineral salts, heavy metals like copper and lead, nitrate, asbestos, fluoride and arsenic. The APEX XGRO uses a special encapsulated Thin Film Composite (TFC) reverse osmosis membrane that produces twice the purified water as regular RO membranes, even in high TDS water supplies. Toxic heavy metals, like cadmium, arsenic, lead and mercury, are sent down the drain (wastewater) while purified water passes through the membrane. The reverse osmosis process also removes nitrate, sodium and potassium salts, carbonates, fluoride, radon and toxic solvents (TCE). Low-performing RO systems can send 10 gallons of water down the drain for every one gallon of purified water (10:1 ratio). The APEX encapsulated RO membrane boasts an impressive 1:1 ratio of waste water to purified water. This means the APEX XGRO system produces more water with less wastewater, compared to traditional RO systems. Lastly, the purified water flows through a granular activated carbon (GAC) post-filter. This final filtration step removes any traces of gasses and odors, to ensure your water is crystal clear and tastes great! Your pets and plants will enjoy the chlorine-free water too.

The APEX XGRO 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter supplies purified water on-demand, through a dedicated storage tank and pure water dispensing faucet. The designer faucet provides purified water for drinking, cooking, washing vegetables and pets. Use your regular sink faucet for unfiltered water for washing dishes and other cleaning tasks. This powerful filter system is designed for home installation but is rugged enough for commercial applications such as food preparation, medical offices and coffee shops. The APEX XGRO 5-Stage Drinking Water Filter is an economical and cost-effective solution for providing purified water for multiple apartments, condominiums and office complexes.

The APEX XGRO filtration system is pre-assembled, individually quality checked and wet-tested. The simple installation can be performed as a DIY project. We recommend installation by a licensed plumber to insure adherence to all local codes. Routine replacement of the filter cartridges is recommended to maintain filter performance. Easy to install replacement cartridges are available from APEX Water Filters.

APEX MR-6050
MR-5000 Series

Figure 1.0     APEX XGRO Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter

  • Advanced super high efficiency 5-stage reverse osmosis drinking water purification system utilizing all new Pentair GRO membrane technology
  • 5-micron polypropylene pre-filter removes sediment, rust and other microscopic debris
  • Dual 5-micron activated carbon block cartridges remove chlorine, chloramine, bad tastes and odors, pesticides and carcinogenic impurities
  • Super high-efficiency (1:1 waste to pure ratio) reverse osmosis membrane removes up to 90% of water contaminants like lead, nitrate, fluoride, mercury, hexavalent chromium (chromium-6), and arsenic.
  • Granular activated post-filter polishes the water to crystal clear perfection.
  • Easy to install kit includes water storage tank and pure water dispensing faucet
  • Built in the USA
Filter Stages
Figure 1.1     Contaminant Removal from Filter Stage

Metpure Brushed Nickel Drinking Water Faucet

Metpure Brushed Nickel Drinking Water Faucet
  • High quality premium Coke-style ceramic disc lever faucet crafted with solid brass exterior for durability and lasting finish
  • Included FREE faucet wrench eases installation time by more than half and ensures tight mount
  • connects to 1/4” tubing
  • Gooseneck that swivels 360 degrees
  • 3” shank for easy installation under sink
  • Requires 1/2” hole for minimal countertop drilling (soap dispenser hole can be used)

Where Style, Convenience & Purity Meet

pH7 Pull Down Faucet Not Included
Included Metpure Brushed Nickel Faucet
Where Style, Convenience & Purity Meet
Figure 1.2     Kitchen Countertop Appearence



  • Configuration
  • Feed Water Source***
  • Single Pass
  • City or Wall Water*


  • Input
  • Output
  • Pressure Guages
  • UV Lamp
  • 1/2" or 3/8"      FNPT
  • 1/4"     Tube
  • Optional (Not Included)
  • Optional (Not Included)


  • Radial Flow sediment
  • Radial Flow Carbon
  • Membrane
  • Axial Flow GAC
  • 1
  • 2
  • 1
  • 1

System Dimensions **

  • L x W x H Inch
  • Weight lb.(kg)
  • 15.5 x 5.5 x 17.5
  • 17.5(7.9)

Tank Dimensions **

  • L x W x H Inch (cm)
  • Weight lb.(kg)
  • 11 x 11 x 15(28 x 28 x 38)
  • 7.5(3.4)
  • * UV ray bacteria disinfection highly recommended for well water
  • ** Does not include operating space requirements.
  • *** Treatment ability of the system is dependent on feed water quality.Performance projections must be run for each installation.
Operating Limits
  • Maximum Feed Temperature ℉ (℃)
  • MinimumFeed Temperature ℉ (℃)
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature ℉ (℃)
  • Minimum Ambient Temperature ℉ (℃)
  • Maximum Feed Pressure psi (bar)
  • Minimum Feed Pressure psi (bar)
  • Maximum Turbidit NTU
  • Maximum SDI Rating SDI
  • 85 ( 29.00 )
  • 40 ( 4.44 )
  • 120 ( 48.89 )
  • 40 ( 4.44 )
  • 85 ( 5.86 )
  • 45 ( 3.10 )
  • 1
  • <3
  • Maximum Free Chlorine ppm
  • Maximum TDS ppm
  • Maximum Hardness gpg +++
  • Maximum pH (Continuous)
  • Minimum pH (Continuous)
  • Maximum pH (Cleaning 30 Min.)
  • Minimum pH (Cleaning 30 Min.)
  • 0
  • <2000
  • 0
  • 11
  • 5
  • 12
  • 2
  • Test Parameters: 550 TDS Filtered (5 micron), De-Chlorine, Municipal Feed Water, 65 psi (4.50 bar) Feed Pressure, 77 Degrees F(25 Degress C), 7.0 pH. Data taken after 60 minutes of operation.
  • + Low temperatures and high feed water TDS levels will significantly affect system production capabilities. Computer projections should be run for individual applications.
  • ++ Scale prevention measures must be taken.
  • AWater supply adapter valve
  • BCold water shut-off valve
  • CAuxiliary faucet
  • DGarbage disposal
  • EPre-carbon filter sumps
  • FDrain Saddle
  • GStorage tank with valve in open Position
  • HPre-filter sump
  • IMembrane assembly
  • JPost-filter
Under Sink Setup
Figure 1.3     Under Sink Setup
Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems
Plumbing Support Recommended

Plumbing Support Recommended

Water pressure can cause leaks and damage the surrounding building or fixtures if not properly installed. User must check all fittings for tightness. APEX assumes no responsibility for water damage due to leaks.

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