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Alkaline Water; A Path to a Healthier Physique

By Sean Bee
25 March 2017
A healthy body performs and functions better in an alkaline environment. Alkalinisation gets more oxygen to the tissues resulting in a detoxification effect. The main advantages of drinking alkaline water on a regular basis include weight loss and slowing down the aging process. We will take a closer look at these advantages and more.

Here are 7 advantages of drinking alkaline water regularly

1. Anti Aging
Alkaline water is very high in antioxidants, which help with the intake of oxygen. It quickly and effectively neutralizes free radicals in your body. Because of this, regular consumption of alkaline water slows the aging process, and helps fight off various cancers. You will also notice an improvement in moods, energy, anxiety, sleep, increased cognitive ability and a reduction in depressed feelings.
2. Weight Loss
The acid in your bloodstream can be neutralized by drinking alkaline water. It helps your body quickly and effectively absorb nutrients and raises energy levels and metabolism, which aids in burning calories resulting in weight loss. The added benefit of drinking lots of water is that it makes you feel full and therefore you don’t feel as hungry and you eat less.
3. Cleansing, Detoxify & Disease Protection
Drinking alkaline water on a regular basis helps your body to eliminate harmful toxins. Alkaline water regulates the body's acidity because of its pH level and detoxifying properties. The kidneys are the largest filters in the body and they need water (alkaline) to function properly.

Diseases and viruses cannot thrive in your body if its pH level is kept around the 7 range.
4. Better Hydration
Alkaline water quickly replenishes your body by way of effective absorption. Regular tap water contains 10 – 13 molecule clusters compared to alkaline water which contains 4 – 6 molecule clusters. This means that alkaline water is more effective at hydrating your body because it can be quickly absorbed.
5. Stronger Bones
For those whose pHs are on the acidic side, your body is forced to borrow minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium from organs and bones in order to neutralize the acid, which then has to be safely removed from the body. This process of "borrowing" can have long-term damaging effects on the body. Drinking alkaline water slows down this process keeping the bones stronger for longer.
6. Better Skin
Look younger because drinking alkaline water effectively hydrates your skin. Your skin will look and feel younger.
7. Improve Concentration
Your brain contains water and needs an adequate amount of water for it to function at its best. By drinking the proper amount of water, you will see an improvement in your ability to focus and concentrate.
  • Anti Aging

  • Weight Loss

  • Cleansing, Detoxify & Disease Protection

  • Better Hydration

  • Stronger Bones

  • Better Skin

  • Improve Concentration