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Countertop Water Filter FAQ

How often do I need to replace my countertop cartridge filter?

APEX countertop filtration systems will provide a family of four with 750 gallons of purified water. We recommend changing the filter every six months. Timely filter changes ensure your drinking water is always safe and taste and odor-free. Never use the cartridge longer than recommended as it could allow contaminants to enter your drinking water.

Can I use any brand of replacement filter cartridge?

APEX replacement filter cartridges are guaranteed to fit your APEX filter. Other brands should not be used. APEX replacement filter cartridges are manufactured from BPA-free materials and high-quality filtration materials. Only APEX replacement cartridges are guaranteed for exact fit and proper water purification.

How do I attach my countertop filter to my faucet?

APEX countertop filters come complete with a faucet adapter. The adapter attaches to your faucet. Just unscrew the original aerator screen and replace it with the APEX faucet adapter. Thread adaptors, if needed, are included with the kit. The APEX faucet adapter has a diverter valve that allows you to select between filtered water for drinking or unfiltered water, with a flip of a lever. When the diverter valve lever is in the vertical position the water will be unfiltered. For filtered water simply flip the lever to the horizontal position and purified water will come out of the faucet.

The lever on the diverter valve feels stiff. What should I do?

A diverter valve will be a little stiff when it is brand new. You may have to gently move the lever with a pair of pliers to gain some leverage. Once the valve is initially rotated it will operate smoothly.

Can I run hot water through the countertop filter?

No. APEX countertop filters are designed for cold water only. Hot water can damage the filtration materials and shorten the life of the filter cartridge. Always run cold water through your APEX countertop filter.

My coffee and other beverages taste bad when I use tap water. Will a countertop filter help?

Yes. Coffee, iced tea and other beverage are ruined by off-flavors and odors. An APEX countertop water filter will eliminate taste and odor problems. You’ll immediately taste the difference!

I bring bottled with me wherever I go. Can I use filtered water instead?

Yes. In many cases bottled water is just tap water. Just fill your water bottle and you’re ready to go!

Can I make ice cubes with filtered water?

Yes. Ice cubes will taste fresh and add no odors or flavors to your beverages.

Is the filtered water safe for my pet’s drinking water?

Yes. Your pets will appreciate the clean fresh water that comes from the APEX countertop filter.

Can I water my plants with the filtered water?

Yes. The chlorine and other irritating disinfectants will be removed from the water.

I’m worried about pesticides in my water. Will the filter make the water safe?

APEX countertop filters use high-grade activated carbon to remove organic contaminants like pesticides and herbicides.

Does the water filter add silver to the water?

No. We do not use silver-impregnated activated carbon in our filters.

Can I try a different type of APEX replacement filter cartridges in my countertop filter?

Yes. Be sure to use only APEX countertop cartridges in your filter.

My municipal water company is working on the pipes and said some sediment may come through my faucet. Will this harm my filter?

APEX water filters will protect you from sediment like rust, mineral scale and sand. It will be captured by the filter cartridge. We recommend replacing the filter cartridge after the pipe work has been completed.

I see some water coming from the input/output fitting.

Try slightly tightening the fitting. Turn the fitting clockwise but do not over-tighten. If this does not solve the problem, please contact APEX customer service.

How do I open the filter canister and change the cartridge?

Flip the filter upside down so the base is on top. Now unscrew the base just like a jar lid. Remove the old cartridge and replace it with a new one. Twist on the base and you are ready to go!

There are water drips where the filter housing screws onto the filter base.

Take a look at the O-ring. Make sure it is not twisted. You can apply a small amount of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or coconut oil to the O-ring to help it seal better. We use a professional food-grade lubricant and recommend it for keeping gaskets soft and pliable. If you have just changed the cartridge, make sure the old cartridge gasket has been removed from the base.

The original O-ring in the filter housing needs to be replaced. Where can I get one?

We have exact-fit replacement O-rings.

After changing the cartridge the water came out black for a few moments.

This is just a small amount of activated carbon dust. It is harmless and will disappear after running some water through the filter.

I just changed the cartridge and my water does not taste fresh.

You’ve probably put the cartridge in upside down. Compare the cartridge position to the filter box or the manual. Make sure the cartridge is positioned correctly.

I will be away from home for a while and won’t be using the filter. What should I do?

If you are away from home for a week you don’t need to do anything. Just run water through the filter for 30 seconds when you return. If you’re going to be away for more than a week, we recommend removing the cartridge and storing it in the refrigerator in a sealed plastic bag to prevent it from drying out. An alternative is to put in a new cartridge when you return home.

I just changed the cartridge and my water does not taste fresh.

You’ve probably put the cartridge in upside down. Compare the cartridge position to the filter box or the manual. Make sure the cartridge is positioned correctly.

Will my APEX countertop filter remove fluoride from my water?

If you are concerned about fluoride we recommend an APEX reverse osmosis filtration system.

Can I take my countertop filter with me when I travel?

Yes. The APEX countertop filters can be used at a hotel, vacation home and even your RV.