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BT Series

  • Complete All-in-One Solution with Zeolite & Calcite Tanks, UV Light & Chemical Injection System
    APEX BT-1500 Commercial 1500 GPD Brackish Water Filter System
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    Specially designed for brackish water (TDS: 2,500-15,000 ppm) applications. Whether you own or manage a large office building, a food service business, hydroponic applications, medical or long-term care facility, a school or another commercial business or institution, MR-BW Series Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems are an efficient way to improve the quality of water available to your employees, customers, patients or students.

    • Compact Design
    • Chemical Injection System
    • Calcite Upflow Tank
    • UV Light Bacteria Disinfection Reactor
    • Fleck 5600SXT Zeolite System with Tank
    • 5 Gal. of Silica Chemical Antiscalant Included (2 Year Supply)
    • Minitrol Computer Controler
    • HM Digital PSC-100 TDS Controller
    • 4.5" Diameter Sediment & Carbon Filters
    • Stainless Steel High Pressure Pump
    • ODP High Efficiency Carbonator Motor
    • USA Made Low Energy Membrane
    • PVC Membrane Housings
    • Permeate Flow Meter
    • Concentrate Valve with Flow Meter
    • Feed Low pressure switch (to protect the pump)
    • High Pressure Tank Switch
    • Feed Solenoid Valve
    • In & Out Pressure Gauges
    • 0-300 PSI pump pressure guages
    • Stainless Steel Fittings
    • Dimensions : 26" x 12" x 37" (excluding membrane)