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How can I find out what chemicals are in my water supply?

Your community water authority is regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). Local water authorities must prepare and distribute annual reports about the water they provide, including information on detected contaminants, health effects, and where the water comes from. These Consumer Confidence Reports will tell you what is in your drinking water. Private wells are not regulated by the SDWA. Drinking water samples can be sent to a certified water testing laboratory for analysis.


What kind of water filter is right for me?

That depends on what is in your water supply and how much water you want to purify. APEX Water Filters manufactures a variety of water filtration devices ranging from simple counter top filters to whole house filtration systems. We can also provide large water filtration systems for commercial and institutional applications. If you would like assistance choosing a water filtration system, please contact our professional customer support specialists.

Will I have to maintain my water filter?

Yes. All water filters, no matter how small or large, require periodic replacement of filter cartridges and reverse osmosis membranes. It’s important to service your filter as described in the manual. We supply replacement filters, membranes and service parts and will ship them directly to you. Want a professional to service your filter system? Our APEX nationwide service partner network is available for all your installation and service needs. Just call 1 (310) 601-7330 in California or 1-800-PLUMBING nationwide.

My tap water smells and tastes bad. No one wants to drink it, not even our pets. What can I do?

A basic countertop water filter or under-counter reverse osmosis filter system can correct taste and odor problems. You’ll notice an improvement immediately! If you would like to install a whole-house filtration system, we’ll need to know a little more information such as number of people in the household and a water analysis to pinpoint the cause of the problem. Our website contains a wealth of information about water filtration. If you need help, just chat with one of our specialists.

My water contains chlorine. Is it bad for me or my pets?

Chlorine is a common water disinfectant added by water treatment companies. It is sometimes continually injected into well water supplies that are contaminated. Chlorine can cause taste and odor problems. Research has demonstrated that chlorine reacts with naturally-occurring organic substances in water, forming carcinogenic byproducts. These carcinogens, called THMs, are not healthy. The best solution to removing chlorine and protecting against THMs is with a filtration system that uses activated carbon. APEX offers a range of water filters that use activated carbon filter technology. We manufacture counter top filters, shower filters and even whole house filtration systems.

Table of Elements

What is activated carbon and how does it work?

Activated carbon is a solid filtration material made from natural substances like coconut shell or coal. Coconut shell, for example, is heated to a very high temperature that burns away everything except carbon. This forms a massive network of microscopic pores. Pollutants are adsorbed into the pores and removed from the water.


What does activated carbon remove from water?

Activated carbon removes hundreds of chemicals from water. In general, activated carbon removes these classifications of contaminants:
  • Insecticides
  • Herbicides
  • Gasoline
  • Organic solvents
  • Chlorine
  • Chloramine
  • PCBs
  • Radon
  • Natural taste and odor-causing substances
  • Tannins
  • Carcinogenic compounds
  • Pharmaceuticals

I had my well tested for bacteria and it came back positive for Coliform contamination. What can I do about it?

Coliform bacteria are referred to as indicator organisms because they indicate the potential presence of disease-causing bacteria in your well water. Their presence means that there is a contamination pathway between a source of bacteria (septic system, animal waste, etc.) and your well. Disease-causing bacteria can use this pathway to contaminate your water supply. The first step is to have a professional disinfect the well with a shock chlorination treatment. Test the water again after two weeks and then after 30 days. This technique is effective about 15% of the time. If the second or third tests show contamination, a whole-house ultraviolet (UV) system is required.We recommend our well water purification system.

What is ultraviolet disinfection and how does it work?

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is a popular and effective option for Coliform treatment because it does not add any chemicals to the water. An ultraviolet filter consists of a UV light bulb encased by a quartz glass sleeve. Water is irradiated with UV light as it flows over the glass sleeve. The UV light kills bacteria, parasites and other organisms that contaminate well water.


Is spring water the same as purified or distilled water?

No. Many people believe that spring water is the same as purified or distilled water. On the contrary, spring water contains many of the same minerals and impurities found in well and even tap water. The purity of spring water is comparable to most municipal tap water sources. An APEX reverse osmosis filtration system will produce water superior to bottled spring water.

What is reverse osmosis filtration?

The reverse osmosis (RO) filtration process forces water through a special membrane. As the water is squeezed through the membrane, minerals, salts and contaminants are removed, leaving fresh, purified water for drinking, cooking, and pets. APEX RO filter systems are designed to remove solid particles, organic pollutants, salts, heavy metals and even radon. We can help you select the right reverse osmosis purification system for your home, RV, workplace, restaurant, health facility or manufacturing operation!

Reverse Osmosis

After a shower my skin feels dry and itchy. Why?

The minerals in hard water remain on your skin after a bath or shower. They can cause dry flaky skin that itches. The best solution to dry skin is a water softener. APEX water softeners remove hardness minerals from the water. You’ll immediately notice how silky smooth your skin feels. Dry skin and itchiness will be a thing of the past.

My bath tub and shower stalls have a white residue on the tiles and tub surface. What causes it?

Hard water minerals, like calcium, react with soap and form a soap curd. Curd feels like a waxy build-up on shower and tub surfaces. It is hard to clean and make even have to be scrapped off with a razor blade. An APEX water softener will eliminate soap curd and greatly reduce cleaning chores in sinks, tubs and shower stalls.

Do water filter cartridges last forever?

No. APEX uses only the finest water filtration media in our filter cartridges. Filtration media are designed to capture pollutants inside the cartridge. This means that eventually the filtration media will become full of pollutants and need to be replaced.

When should I replace my filter cartridge?

Every APEX water filtration product has a specific maintenance schedule. Take a look at the product manual, the APEX website or ask one of our customer service professionals for assistance.

What will happen if I don’t change my filter cartridge?

If the water filter is not serviced properly it will no longer function as designed. The water quality leaving the filter will no l onger be purified. As the filter system become clogged, flow rate will decline. You may notice bad tastes and odors in the water. Failing to properly maintain the filter could cause damage to the filter and void your warranty.

What is the best way to remember when to service my filter?

As a reminder we recommend noting the upcoming service date on a calendar and on your smart device. It helps to keep a set of replacement filters on hand before they are needed. Some customers purchase the replacement filter after every filter change. This way they always have new replacement filters ready, making maintenance quick and easy.

Can I use filtered water on my plants?

Yes. Water from any APEX filter is safe for houseplants. You’ll notice that your potted plants no longer develop a white crusty mineral scale. Plant fertilizers will dissolve easier too.

Is it possible to over-filter drinking water with reverse osmosis and make it too pure?

No. The majority of nutritional minerals required by people and pets come from diet. Our food supplies all the basic nutrition we need. Vitamin and mineral supplements also ensure our dietary needs are met. Drinking purified water has only proven health benefits!

I heard that reverse osmosis water is too pure and will dissolve my bones. Is this true?

No. Research has proven that drinking purified water will not harm your bones. You obtain calcium and magnesium from food and through mineral supplements. Drinking fresh, clean water provides only positive benefits to your body.

We have an RV and hook up to unfiltered campground water supplies. Can we install a filter in our RV?

Yes. You never know what the water quality is at public water supplies like campgrounds. Any APEX counter top, under-counter or reverse osmosis system can be used in an RV. Just install the filter like you would in your home, at the source of incoming water.

We use our RV for a few months of the year. What should we do with the water filter when the RV is in storage?

We recommend draining the filter system and discarding the filter cartridges while the RV is stored away. The reverse osmosis membrane must not dry out. It can be stored in a zip-lock bag and placed in the refrigerator. Many campers simply replace all of the filters at the start of the camping season.

How oftern should I replace my filter cartridges?

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