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 Oakton EcoTestr pH 2 Waterproof pH Tester

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Oakton EcoTestr pH 2 Waterproof pH Tester

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    Oakton EcoTestr pH 2 Waterproof pH Tester

    The Oakton 35423-10 EcoTestr pH 2 is a handheld, waterproof, and dustproof pocket meter that measures pH and floats, if dropped in liquid. A portable pocket meter is commonly used to measure the pH of substance in hydroponics, education, water treatment, and swimming pools. This meter has ATC for accurate readings in fluctuating temperatures, and push-button calibration capabilities up to three points for a wide range of results. It features a transparent, protective cap to reduce contamination and protect the sensor. The cap keeps the sensor moist when stored upright, and can be used as a container for sensor-conditioning, or on-site calibration. The meter’s waterproof and dustproof housing has IP67-rating for protection against solid objects or liquids. The testr has a long-lasting sensor with Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) reference junction with polymer gel for long lifespan. The meter has a large, upright, single-line LCD screen for ease of viewing, a hold function which freezes readings for recording, and an auto shut-off to extend the life of the batteries. It has a click-lock battery cover for battery access to replace batteries without tools. The 35423-10 pocket meter comes with an integral sensor, has ATC from 0 to 50 degrees C (32 to 122 degrees F), and works in an operating temperature of 0 to 50 degrees C (32 to 122 degrees F). It has three-point automatic calibration at three US buffer values of US 4.0, 7.0 or 10.0. pH range is 0.0 to 14.0, resolution 0.1, accuracy + or - 0.1. Its dimensions are 1.25 (l) x 1.5 (w) x 6.5 (h) inches (3.2 x 3.8 x 16.8 cm) and it weighs 3.25 ounces. The testr works with four 1.5-V alkaline batteries (not included) for up to 250 hours of continuous use (Eveready A76 or LR44 replacements). pH testers measure the acidity or alkalinity of a substance and are commonly used by researchers, manufacturers, and hobbyists in aquaculture, agriculture, hydroponics, wine-making, and water-testing, and for scientific applications. Oakton Instruments manufactures an array of scientific instruments for research, industrial, and educational uses. Since 1991, Oakton has distributed a wide variety of instruments such as meters, electrodes, and transmitters. Oakton is based in Vernon Hills, IL, and has facilities in Europe, Asia, and China. What’s in the Box? Meter 35423-10 Integral sensor *Age of the solutions, storing of the solutions, contamination of the solutions can all affect readings. *Accuracy depends on caliberation standards, type of water or how the meter is stored. *Are you testing RO water, distilled water, de-ionized water? Over time these liquids will drain the electrode of IONS and render the meter useless. Water of this type has no IONS so the salt solution within the probe will migrate out of the pH probe into the water. Naturally IONS move from high concentration to low concentration to create equilibrium. You can always use a TDS meter to test the water, you should get a reading around 0.00ppm. *How should the Testrs being stored? In OAKTON storage solution. The storage solution contains the same liquid that is inside of the electrode which helps replenish and create longer life. Electrodes take on the characteristics of the liquids they are measuring over time, that’s why a lot of complaints about meter is stuck on one reading.


    • Push-button calibration capabilities up to three points for a wide range of results
    • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) for accurate readings in fluctuating temperatures
    • ATransparent, protective cap keeps sensor moist when stored upright, and used as container for sensor conditioning or on-site calibration
    • Waterproof, dustproof housing is Ingress Protection (IP) 67-rated, for protection against solid objects or liquids
    • Large, upright, single-line LCD display screen for ease of viewing, and for display of indicators

    Warranty * Household water pressure can cause leaks and damage the surrounding building or fixtures if not properly installed. User must check all fittings for tightness. Apex assumes no responsibility for water damage due to leaks.

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