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C CKDF10 - Carbon + KDF Replacement Cartridge - Made in USA - Free Shipping

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C CKDF10 - Carbon + KDF Replacement Cartridge - Made in USA - Free Shipping

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Made with NSF/ANSI  61 certified and comply with proposition 65 high quality  coconut shell activated carbon and NSF/ANSI standard  42  KDF 85
There are no more unpleasant odors, no chlorine taste, just clean refreshing water.
also great for use in making coffee/tea, cubed ice and cooking.



pH Spectrum

Chlorine is a toxic element used to chemically disinfect water. But chlorine strips protein from skin, and hair, leaving it dry and itchy. Filtering out Chlorine from shower water will avoid dry skin and hair, reduce flaking scalp, and irritated eyes and lungs. Chlorine exposure from showering is greater than the total exposure from drinking 8 glasses of unfiltered tap water each day. Filtering also helps control bacteria, bathroom mold, and mildew.

Alkaline Water  to balance and maintain the pH level , removes Impurities, Hydrates your body faster .
GOOD HEALTH :Symptoms of a pH imbalance can be weight problems, allergies, arthritis diabetes, and osteoporosis ,as well as other problems. Drinking plenty of water and exercise will help but we need to do more to reduce the acidity in our body. Drink at least 3 glasses of alkaline water to achieve your maximum benefit. 


pH spectrum

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