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APEX RF-6051 Replacement Filter 6 Pack for Reverse Osmosis Systems

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APEX RF-6051 Replacement Filter 6 Pack for Reverse Osmosis Systems

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    RF-6051 Replacement Filter 6 Pack for Reverse Osmosis Systems with UV Bulb

    Reverse osmosis systems are highly effective because they filter water multiple times, relying on different mechanisms to remove impurities and give you the clearest, purest drinking water possible. With the Replacement Filter 5 Pack for Reverse Osmosis Systems, you get all five filters required to maintain standard reverse osmosis systems. This set is designed to simplify shopping and to save you money by allowing you to purchase five top-of-the-line replacement parts for one reasonable price. Inside of the set, you'll find: one 5 micron sediment filter that removes solids and debris, one in line granular activated carbon or GAC filter for eliminating dissolved gases, one UV bulb, one thin film composite 50 GPD membrane to remove various dissolved solids and a pair of 5 micron CTO carbon filters that filter numerous organic and chemical impurities.


    • Sediment Pre Filter
    • 5 Micron Sediment Pre Filter RF-1000 to to extract suspended materials such as sediment, rust, insects, and other particles.
    • 2 x Carbon Block Cartridge
    • 2 x 5 Micron RF-1010 Carbon Block Cartridge reduces chloramines- the by-product of chlorine and ammonia used in water disinfection. Reduces organic chemicals: pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic chemicals, MTBE , disinfectant by-products and other chemicals for improved taste and elimination of odors. The double carbon briquettes filter out organic matter from water without release of carbon fines. The carbon block prepares water to enter the reverse osmosis element.
    • TFC Membrane
    • The high- rejection (up to 95%) TFC (Thin-Film composite) 50 GPD membrane to reject a wide range of total dissolved solids (TDS). The product water is storage tank, while the reject water (drain) is automatically flushed down the drain.
    • Polishing In Line Filter
    • In line RF-1001 GAC filter to remove dissolved gases, bad taste and odor from product water. This is the final polishing stage before consumption.

    Warranty * Household water pressure can cause leaks and damage the surrounding building or fixtures if not properly installed. User must check all fittings for tightness. APEX assumes no responsibility for water damage due to leaks.

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