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UXC-10 Water Softening Resin 10% Cross-link - 1 cu.ft (28.32 liters) Bag

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UXC-10 Water Softening Resin 10% Cross-link - 1 cu.ft (28.32 liters) Bag

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DI-tech UXC-10S is a 10% cross-linked gel type styrenic strong acid cation resin with a high resistance to oxidation, osmotic and thermal shock. It is ideally suited for softening feed water with higher chlorine streams or high temperature conditions. The controlled gel structure provides high kinetics and capacity while maintaining good regeneration efficiency.

Physical and Chemical Properties
Polymer Structure: Styrene/divinylbenzene 10% DVB gel
Functional Groups Sulfonic Acid
Ionic Form as Shipped: Sodium (Na+)
Physical Form: Tough, spherical gold or black beads
Sphericity 98% WPB
Total Capacity 2.1 meq/ml (Na form) 45.3 Kgr/cu ft
Screen Size Distribution:
+16 mesh (U.S.Std.) Less than 1%
-16+40 mesh 98%
-40+50 mesh Less than 1%
Uniformity Coefficient 1.5 (max)
Moisture Content 42-45% (Na+)
pH Range Stability 0-14
Temperature Limits 150oC (300oF) Na form
Shipping Weight: 53 lbs per cubic foot
Packaging 28.32 liter (1 cu ft) bags

Chemical Stability

DI-tech UXC-10S is insoluble in moderately concentrated acids and bases. The highly cross-linked gel structure is very resistant to oxidizers such as peroxide, chlorine and ozone. UXC-10S can also operate at elevated temperatures and is well suited for hot water softening

UXC-10S & 10SB Features and Benefits

Major Applications the superior strength of DI-tech UXC-10S makes it an ideal candidate for:

Industrial Softening (Na+ form)
Industrial De-mineralization (H+ form)
High TDS, high temperature softening
Condensate Polishing
Plating rinse metals scavenger

High Whole Bead Counts

DI-tech UXC-10S has a 98% whole perfect bead count: lower pressure drop in service, no losses on backwash, more uniform flow distribution

Superior Physical & Oxidation Stability

The 98% plus sphericity and toughness of DI-tech UXC-10S provides greater resistance to bead breakage with age and resists oxidation from chlorine, chloramine and other oxidants such as ozone and peroxide.

Universal Utility

DI-tech UXC-10S and 10SB can be operated in the hydrogen (H+) form for de-mineralization service and demonstrates good oxidative resistance to chrome plating rinses. With higher cross-linking, DI-tech UXC-10S stands up to high temperature applications such as hot lime polishing and condensate polishing.


A material safety data sheet is available for DI-tech UXC-10S and 10SB. Copies can be obtained from Systematix Company (fax 714-522-5443). DI-techUXC-10S is not a hazardous product and is not WHMIS controlled.

Caution: Acidicand basic regenerant solutions are corrosive and should be handled in a manner that will prevent eye and skin contact. Before using strong oxidizing agents in contact with ion exchange resin,consult sources knowledgeable in the handling of these materials.

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