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APEX WH-2015 Whole Home Iron Removal Filter System

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APEX WH-2015 Whole Home Iron Removal Filter System

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    Iron is the fourth most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust. Soils and rocks can have a very high iron content. As rain falls or snow melts on the land surface, and water seeps through iron-bearing soil and rock, iron can be dissolved into the water. In some cases, iron can also result from corrosion of iron or steel well casing or water pipes. Iron can occur in water in two different forms. Water that comes out of the faucet clear, but turns red or brown after standing is commonly referred to as “clear-water” iron. Water which is red or yellow when first drawn is “ferric” iron, often referred to as “red-water” iron. Iron in water is not a health concern but does cause problems with tastes, odors, staining and damage to appliances.

    Water Iron

    Drinking water that is high in iron can have an offensive metallic taste and odor. Iron contamination interferes with hair coloring products, causing unpredictable results. Tap water containing high iron levels will leave red or orange rust stains in the sink, toilet and bathtub or shower. Iron oxide particles can build up in your dishwasher and washing machine, causing damage to the pump and control valves. Iron particles clog food preparation equipment at home and in the commercial kitchen. Coffee makers, ice machines, ice tea machines and beverage dispensers can all become clogged with iron oxide particles. Iron can also cause red and brown stains to appear in the laundry.

    The APEX Filter System solves iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide problems with Katalox Light® filter media. As tap water flows through the bed of Katalox Light®, the iron is captured as an insoluble particle that gets trapped in the APEX filter system. Water passing through the APEX Filter System is free of iron and the problems it causes in home, office and commercial operations. Periodically the filter system needs to be backwashed to remove the iron particles. This is performed automatically by the Fleck electronic control valve. The Fleck electronic control valve automatically monitors and regulates the activity of the filter system. The electronic control vale automatically backwashes the Katalox Light® filter media based on water usage. This keeps the APEX Whole Home Filter System working at peak efficiency. The key pads and digital display make the set-up quick and easy. The Fleck is an industrial-grade control valve that will provide years of trouble-free service in the home, office or business operation. The Katalox Light® Filter System is assembled in the US at our manufacturing facility. APEX uses only high-quality components and premium filtration media in our filtration systems.

    Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen sulfide
    Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen sulfide
    Radionuclides and Other heavy metals
    Radionuclides and Other heavy metals
    Bad Tastes and Odors
    Bad tastes and odors
    Red and Orange Stains
    Red and orange stains
    • Heavy-duty whole house filtration system delivers Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen sulfide-free water to every faucet in your home or office.
    • Reduction of Arsenic, Zinc, Copper, Lead, Radium, Uranium, radionuclides and other heavy metals.
    • Removes bad tastes and odors caused by iron contamination.
    • Eliminates red and orange stains in sinks, bathtubs, showers and toilets.
    Faucet Aerators
    Faucet aerators
    Iron Oxide Damage
    Iron oxide damage
    High Flow Rate
    High flow rate
    • Prevents clogging of faucet aerators.
    • Protects coffee makers, ice machines and dishwashers from iron oxide damage.
    Apex Water Filter
    • High flow rate is suitable for residential and commercial use.
    • Up to 7 GPM flows for residential/commercial water filtration applications
    • Reliable optical electronics eliminates microswitch positioning problems
    • No mandatory KMnO4, chlorine or chlorine dioxide dosing
    • Electronic timer provides quick setup and programming
    • Quick connect clips allow easy installation and maintenance
    • Battery back-up saves settings during power outage
    • Lightweight and low operational cost
    • Large capacity (10” x 54”) media tank
    • Attractive and durable stainless steel finish
    Configuration Single Pass
    Feed Water Source *** City Water or Well Water*
    Input 1" FNPT
    Output 1" FNPT
    Pressure Guages Optional (Not Included)
    UV Lamp Optional (Not Included)
    Axial Flow Katalox Light® 1
    System Dimensions **
    L x W x H inch 10 x 10 x 54
    Weight lb. 110
    • * UV ray bacteria disinfection highly recommended for well water
    • ** Does not include operating space requirements.
    • *** Treatment ability of the system is dependent on feed water quality.Performance projections must be run for each installation.

    Professional Plumbing Support Recommended for Installation

    Professional Plumbing Support Recommended for Installation

    Water pressure can cause leaks and damage the surrounding building or fixtures if not properly installed. User must check all fittings for tightness. APEX assumes no responsibility for water damage due to leaks.

    Filtering Well Water?

    Send us a comprehensive water quality analysis of your private well for a customized solution.

    Order Watercheck with Pesticide Option from National Testing Laboratories, Ltd.

    National Testing Laboratories
    Operating Limits
    Maximum Feed Temperature OF ( OC ) 110 ( 43 ) Minimum Feed Temperature OF ( OC ) 40 ( 4.44 )
    Maximum Feed Pressure psi 80 Minimum Feed Pressure psi 25
    Recommended Flow (gpm) 7
    • + Low temperatures and high feed water TDS levels will significantly affect system production capabilities. Computer projections should be run for individual applications.
    • ++ Scale prevention measures must be taken.