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APEX EZ-1100 Whole House Water Filter System

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APEX EZ-1100 Whole House Water Filter System

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    The APEX EZ Whole House Water Filter System (EZ-1100) is a high-quality commercial grade sediment filter designed for whole house residential, industrial and commercial filtration applications. The reinforced filter housing is constructed of heavy-duty FDA-approved polypropylene. The filter uses a premium EPDM O-ring to ensure a leak-free seal. The EZ-1100 comes with ¾” threads allowing for fast, high volume flow rates. The spun polypropylene sediment cartridge captures suspended materials such as sand grains, rust particles, mineral scale flakes and even insect parts that contaminate water supplies. The sediment cartridge is designed to trap sediment particles as small as 5 microns. That’s ten times smaller than the thickness of a human hair! The APEX EZ Whole House Water Filter System (EZ-1100) is recommended for protecting you and your family from particulate contamination at every water faucet and shower in your home. Suspended particles clog faucet aerators, shower heads and toilet fill controls. Suspended minerals like sand, rust particles and precipitated calcium carbonate mineral flakes clog and damage the valves and water channels inside coffee makers, beverage dispensers, water softeners and ice makers. The EZ-1100 protects valuable appliances in the home, coffee shop and restaurant. Commercial and industrial applications will appreciate the rugged construction, reliability and easy filter change process. The EZ-1100 is rated for pressures up to 100 psi. A pressure relieve valve is included. Just press the button to release water pressure in the filter housing. This makes changing the polypropylene sediment filter quick and easy. The APEX EZ Whole House Water Filter System (EZ-1100) is easily upgraded to a taste and odor filtration system by using an APEX 10” activated carbon filter in place of the sediment filter.