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APEX EZ-1200 Whole House Water Filter System

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APEX EZ-1200 Whole House Water Filter System

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    The APEX EZ Whole House Water Filter System (EZ-1200) features outstanding water purification capabilities in a single filter cartridge system. The EZ-1200 has dual water purification properties. The 10-inch chemical adsorption cartridge contains a porous activated carbon block cartridge. The high-porosity carbon block filter removes hundreds of contaminants including disinfection chemicals (chlorine and chlorine dioxide), insecticides and lawn chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), MTBE from leaking fuel tanks, industrial chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. The 5-micron compressed carbon block also removes water-borne parasite cysts (Giardia protozoans) that cause diarrhea and intestinal cramps. Particulate contaminants like iron oxide (rust), abrasive sand grains and insect fragments are removed from your water supply. All faucets and showers will be protected by the APEX EZ-1200 whole house filter system. The EZ-1200 filter system can be installed in a single family home or in commercial and industrial applications. The EZ-1200 is ideal for restaurants, brewpubs, coffee shops, dental offices or any other application where purified taste and odor-free water is required. Coffee, tea and health beverages are over 90% water and taste better with purified water. Don’t forget, pets and plants are bothered by irritating chlorine disinfection chemicals too. The EZ-1200 instantly neutralizes and removes these chemicals, protecting your pets and plants from chlorine chemicals. The EZ-1200 comes with ¾” threads allowing for the high volume flow rates required for whole house filter systems. The filter housing is made from heavy-duty FDA-approved polypropylene. The filter canister uses a premium EPDM O-ring to ensure a leak-free seal. Filter changes are easy! Just press the pressure relief button and spin off the filter housing.