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APEX WS-1050 Metered Water Softener - 48,000 Grain

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APEX WS-1050 Metered Water Softener - 48,000 Grain

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    APEX WS Series Metered Water Softener with Fleck Control Valve

    The APEX WS Series water softeners provides endless benefits to your home or business. When tap water contains a high level (>7 grains per gallon) of calcium and magnesium minerals it is called “hard water.” Hard water can cause many problems in the home or business. Hard water leaves ugly white spots and streaks on silverware, glasses, pots and other cookware. Hard water also reduces the effectiveness of dishwashing detergents, making dishes harder to clean by hand and in the dishwasher. Soaps react with hard water, forming “curd” or soap scum on shower and tub surfaces. Soap scum requires cleaning chemicals and a lot of scrubbing to scrape it off tiles, sinks, tubs and shower doors. Hard water even makes it difficult to wash your car because it leaves hard to clean white spots on the glass, chrome and paint. But that’s not all. Hard water can create real damage to your home and appliances.

    Water Softener
    Water Hardness Scale
    Grains/Gal mg/L & ppm Classification
    Less than 1 Less than 1 Soft
    1-3.5 17.1 - 60 Slightly Hard
    3.5 - 7 60 - 120 Moderately Hard
    7 - 10 120 - 180 Hard
    Over 10 Over 180 Very Hard
    The degree of hardness standard as established by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (S-339) and the Water Quality Association (WQA).

    When hard water is heated in a water heater, calcium and magnesium minerals form a solid insoluble carbonate scale. Over time mineral scale collects inside the water heater tank. Mineral scale makes it harder for the water heater to warm up the water. This wastes energy and reduces the lifespan of the water heater. An APEX water softener can save up to 22% on water heater energy costs. Hard water also damages plumbing fixtures by forming destructive carbonate deposits on sink faucets, shower heads, toilets and shower doors. Coffee and tea makers suffer from the same scale problems as water heaters. Mineral scale coats heating elements and clogs valves and dispensers. This is especially costly for restaurants and coffee shops that depend on expensive commercial beverage equipment for daily coffee and tea brewing. An APEX water softener will preserve the life of home and commercial plumbing fixtures and appliances like dish washers, water heaters, coffee and tea machines, shower heads and lavatories.

    The APEX WS Series Metered Water Softener will solve all these problems and more! With soft water your hair will be soft and silky. Hair care products will work better and rinse away easier. No more dried out, frizzy hair! Soaps and personal care products lather up and work better with soft water. With an APEX water softener, your skin will feel softer, cleaner and smoother because soaps rinse off with no residue. An APEX water softener can reduce usage and costs of shampoos and soaps by up to 75%! The APEX WS Series water softener is assembled and tested in our facility using only high-quality components. At the heart of the water softener is a Fleck electronic control valve. The Fleck electronic control valve automatically monitors and regulates the activity of the water softener. The electronic control vale automatically backwashes and regenerates the water softener based on water usage. The key pads and digital display make the set-up quick and easy. Fleck is an industrial-grade water softener control valve that will provide years of trouble-free service in the home, office or business operation. It even allows for a double backwash and soft water brine refill option. The WS Series water softener uses high-performance water softening resin which is designated for treatment of water for human consumption for exceptional water softening and economical brine use.
    • Valve: Fleck 5810 SXT
    • Electrical: 24 Volt w/ Transformer
    • Distributor: 1.05" O.D. or 32MM O.D.
    • Connection: High-Flow Bypass w/ 1" MNPT
    • Media: Ion Exchange Resin
    Water Heaters
    Water Heaters
    Shower Heads
    Shower Heads
    Toilets Floor
    Toilets Floor
    • Reduces mineral scale build-up on sinks, faucets, shower doors and other plumbing fixtures
    • Prolongs the life of water heaters by reducing mineral build-up inside the water tank
    • Prevents mineral scale from clogging shower heads
    • Keeps toilets flushing smoothly by keeping the rim openings free of hard water deposits
    White Deposits
    White Deposits
    Soap Scum Build-up
    Soap Scum Build-up
    Scrubbing and Cleaning
    Scrubbing and Cleaning
    Rich Lathering
    Rich Lathering
    • Reduces unsightly white deposits on silverware and glassware
    • Eliminates soap scum build-up on shower and backsplash tiles, tub surfaces and shower curtains.
    • Greatly reduces scrubbing and cleaning of bathtubs and shower stalls
    • Makes hair silky smooth, eliminates frizzy hair problems
    • Restores the rich lathering of body soaps, shampoos and personal care products
    • High flow rate for residential/commercial softening applications
    • Reliable optical electronics eliminates microswitch positioning problems
    • Electronic timer provides quick setup and programming
    • Quick connect clips allow easy installation and maintenance
    • Battery back-up saves settings during power outage
    • Comes with brine reservoir tank
    • Attractive and durable stainless steel resin tank jacket

    Professional Plumbing Support Recommended for Installation

    Professional Plumbing Support Recommended for Installation

    Water pressure can cause leaks and damage the surrounding building or fixtures if not properly installed. User must check all fittings for tightness. APEX assumes no responsibility for water damage due to leaks.

    Filtering Well Water?

    Send us a comprehensive water quality analysis of your private well for a customized solution.

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