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Shower Filter FAQ

My shower water smells like chlorine. Will an APEX shower filter help?

Yes. APEX Shower Filters remove chlorine and eliminate skin, eye and nose irritation caused by chlorinated water.

Will a shower filter remove heavy metals?

APEX Shower Filters contain KDF, a special filtration media that removes heavy metals including lead, chromium, lead and copper.

Are APEX Shower Filters BPA-free?

Yes. APEX uses BPA-free materials in all of our filters.

How long will the cartridge last?

The APEX filter cartridge lasts between 9 and 12 months or 20,000 gallons of water. Replacement filter cartridges are available directly from APEX.

My shower filter is leaking where the pipe screws into the shower filter.

One layer of plumber’s tape should be wrapped around the pipe threads before attaching the filter. If the shower filter was over-tightened onto the pipe, it may have cracked the plastic filter housing. Do not over-tighten the shower filter!

How do I change the filter cartridge.

Gently twist the filter housing like a jar lid. Remove the filter housing and old cartridge from the filter base. Press in the new cartridge. Twist on the filter housing to seal the filter.